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PiratePlank News

  • Re-Launch - PiratePlank re-launches with new features and Message Boards on March 1st, 2010!
  • Facebook - We've just added a facebook fan page, become a fan


We offer a wide range of advertising opportunities to our sponsors. We fully accept sponsorship from nearly all forms of businesses, however businesses in the Greenville area and especially those around campus and that have something to offer Pirate students will gain the most from their advertising campaign with us.

User demographic, geographic, and traffic statistics are available from a third party by request, to perspective sponsors.

Below is a listing of all of the ad solutions that we currently offer and their respective prices, however we also provide custom solutions that can integrate your ad into virtually ANY part of our site, including the news feeds and the "Your Links" section. If you would like to learn more about our custom ad solutions, please contact us.

CPM (Cost per Thousand) is the price for 1000 page impressions on which your ad is shown; 1000 ad views. Prices subject to change at any time.

Banner Ads

For each banner ad location your ad will be shown in rotation with any other ads that have also been purchased for that location until your ad has 0 purchased page impressions. Banner ads are accepted as JPG, GIF, and PNG images OR SWF Flash animations. Ads can be set to start on a certain date to advertise for a specific event or sale or can start immediately and will run until there are no page impressions left. We can also sell banner ad space for blocks of time with unlimited page impressions, for a quote on a time block contact us.

Footer Banners

Footer banners have a max width of 950 pixels and a max recommended height of 150 pixels (however we can accommodate banners with larger heights). Footer banners will be centered at the bottom of PiratePlank under all of the content but above the footer links (About, Advertising, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, etc.). Footer banners will be shown on the homepage only.
Current CPM: $2.00   Contact us to purchase.

Bottom-Right Banners

Bottom-Right banners have a max width of 200 pixels and a max height of 200 pixels. Bottom-Right banners are placed at the bottom of the right column ("Featured Video" and "Your Weather" column). Bottom-Right banners will be shown on the homepage only.
Current CPM: $1.50   Contact us to purchase.

Left Column Banners

Left Column banners will be shown in place of the Google Adsense ads that are shown in the left column. Max width is 160 pixels and max height is 600 pixels, same as the current Adsense block. Left Column banners will be shown on every page. Most lucrative ad location.
Current CPM: Varies, based on previous month's Adsense earnings, contact us for a quote.

Page Peel Ads

Page peel ads are a revolutionary new form of advertisement that combine the banner ad with new technology to create an entirely new form of ad. Page peel ads are advertisements which are placed at the top right corner PiratePlank. There is a small image at the top right hand side which resembles a page being turned up slightly. When a visitor moves their mouse over the image at the top right corner the page appears to peel away to reveal an advertisement. This method allows a large banner advertisement to be tucked away without annoying visitors.

There can only be ONE page peel ad on PiratePlank at any time, so spaces are limited and must be reserved ahead of time. Ads must be 500 x 500 pixels square and only the top-right "half triangle" of the ad will be shown (you can see what we mean in this example). We recommend including a catchy title or phrase in the part of the ad that will be showing at all times (top-right half triangle of top-right 75 x 75 pixels, see example). Impressions are counted the same way as banner ads and are counted whether a user "peels" your ad or not. However, time blocks ranging in time from days to months with unlimited impressions are also available by quote and override CPM based page peel campaigns. For example, if you have a CPM based campaign running and a time block campaign is scheduled to start when you still have impressions left, your ad will be placed on "hold" until the other ad's time block ends and then your ad will resume showing until your impressions are depleted.
Ads MUST be submitted as static JPG images or SWF flash animations, animated GIFs and PNG images are not compatible with this form of ad. Page peel ads will be shown on the homepage only.

Page Peel Example Page
Current CPM: $3.50
Time Blocks also available by quote.
To reserve a page peel ad, CPM or time block based, contact us with information regarding your ad, and we will reply ASAP.


Also contact us with queries regarding our custom ad solutions.